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Sorry, I had to give this one a pass. It looked like they took some of the more superficial aspects of the Fleetwood Mac story, which is most interesting as the story of the creation of that famous hybrid band when Fleetwood Mac, a longtime British blues band with 9 albums, invited Buckingham to join as guitarist. He would only join if they also invited Nicks, his singing partner and girlfriend, with whom he had recorded a single unsuccessful album of California folk-rock, which today of course is a collector’s item:


This merger resulted not only in a new sound, but also a band with three great singer-songwriters, two of them women, unheard of in rock. And who knew the largely unknown Nicks would become practically the face of the band and arguably its most influential songwriter?

Here they are at their best, doing Nicks’ famous song (try not to be distracted by Buckingham, who’s wearing what looks like a pajama top, but is probably just a mini kimono):


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i really enjoyed the book, and i feel like the show differs from it quite a bit. that being said, i am still enjoying the show, looking forward to finishing off the season!

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Yeah, me too. :)

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